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Написано:  02 Ноя 2012 10:16
Исправления :
Supports Windows 8.
Supports JSTV (Europe only.)
Supports Hauppauge in select countries. WinTV tuner required. Compatible tuner listed in Knowledge Base Article 5688.
Supports Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500.
Updated media library scanning performance for USB HDD.
Resolved message “Unable to connect to the selected source” when accessing a NAS that was previously playing a video.
Resolved issue pressing power button for more than 3 seconds breaks CEC.
Resolved system freezes in network setup with NFS share added to the My Media Library.
Resolved skip to desired time is not available for certain video containers.
Resolved BILD.de: Headlines on Start page are rendering incorrectly.
Resolved get content info for TV shows does not include backdrop images.
Resolved hiding Slingplayer in Parental Controls also hides Flingo Launchpad.
Resolved Accuweather only displays the weekend forecast when language is set to English.
Resolved playing AVI video files from PC share drops sound when played wirelessly.
Resolved VOB video files with DTS audio will not play sound when audio is set to Stereo.
Resolved playback issue DTS 96 Khz/24 bits audio will not play with audio settings set to "Digital Pass-Through via HDMI only".
Resolved several translation and user interface issues.
Resolved media library doesn’t recompile automatically.
Resolved no audio output if MPG video contains PCM audio codec.
Resolved missing Repeat One icon in UI in music and video options menu.
Resolved Youtube Leanback gets stuck at the landing page after watching an ISO video file.
Resolved theme issue video_run.xml replaced by video_run_buf.xml.

Скачать 3.08.14 .
Sharp LC-32X20RU + WDTV Gen2 + WDTV Live (если понравилось 41001352107159 яндекс)

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