Неофициальный клуб пользователей HD видео плеера WD TV

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Написано:  27 Июл 2012 08:06
Исправления :
Supports .aifc file types.
Resolved Deezer not available in all supported countries.
Resolved clear media library does a rescan issue.
Resolved Netflix does not display in full screen after previewing a video in Redbull.tv.
Resolved media library not scanning at set intervals issue.
Resolved several issues with media library scanning on NAS storage.
Resolved unable to display .jfi, .jfif, .jif, and some .jpe photo files.
Resolved FLV CODEC audio sync issue.
Resolved unable to play ADPMC CODECS with the .WAV or .WAVE containers.
Resolved playback issues with videos transcoded with Handbrake version 0.9.6.
Resolved issue OGM playback missing audio or video stream.
Resolved ID3 tag data not used for get content info in music.
Resolved Spotify View Biography missing album cover issue.
Resolved Spotify issue device UI will freeze when browsing artists with 100 or more albums.
Resolved VUDU issue pressing options during video playback exits to home screen.
Resolved VUDU issue video playback with composite video output reboots device.
Resolved German translation issues.
Resolved YouTube Leanback login credentials not saved after reboot or restarting.
Resolved several general user interface and translation issues.
General Info
Note: YouTube Leanback will require login after firmware upgrade.
Note: Yota service discontinued operation as of July 1, 2012 due to the current situation in the Russian music market.

Скачать 3.06.14 .
Sharp LC-32X20RU + WDTV Gen2 + WDTV Live (если понравилось 41001352107159 яндекс)

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