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Написано:  20 Дек 2011 21:15
Исправления :
Supports adding network share folders into "My Media Library" (Use options button).
Supports "WD TV Remote" control application for iDevices (Download Application from iTunes).
Supports Vudu movie service (US only).
Supports SnagFilms indie movies service.
Supports Flixster video movie review and trailer service.
Supports Yota Music streaming service (Russia only).
Supports XOS Digital college sports service.
Supports SEC Digital Network college sports service for Southeastern Conference.
Supports Watch Mojo pop culture and infotainment video streaming service.
Supports ComedyTime stand-up comedians and funny videos streaming service.
Resolved content playback issues with MPEG2 and MPEG4 BluRay ISO, M2TS and .TS.
Resolved HDMI-CEC issues.
Resolved issues in Flingo where videos do not fling using Safari web browser.
Resolved AAC audio lag when playing from network share.
Resolved audio lip sync issue if media is paused several times.
Resolved user interface issue of subtitle and audio info not displaying when buttons are pressed on remote.
Resolved issue with Blockbuster and CinemaNow does not reconnect to network share upon reboot.
Resolved issue with user added Meta-Source does not clear after factory reset.
Resolved Auto Play issues.
Resolved NFS issue where it would take 10 seconds to see the IP address.
Resolved issue with resuming music file longer than 15 minutes once file is stopped.
Resolved issue of not being able to select subtitles through options.
Resolved Spotify issue where albums do not play in order.
Resolved Spotify issue where full artist biography does not display.

General info:

Note: After upgrading to the latest firmware, the Media Library entry for the NAS maybe lost. To add a share folder to the Media Library, press "Option" when highlighting a share folder and select the "Add to Media Library" button. Or, go to Setup/Systems/Media Library Manager for Network Share to add a specific share folder to the Media Library.

Note: Media library functionality of the NAS will be only available when using the "My Media Library" as the content source. When the source is a Network share the Media library functionality on the NAS will not be available.

Note: The network content sources will be listed under Windows shares for SMB/CIFS shares and under Linux shares for NFS.

Sharp LC-32X20RU + WDTV Gen2 + WDTV Live (если понравилось 41001352107159 яндекс)
Написано:  20 Дек 2011 22:09

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