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Написано:  18 Ноя 2011 09:52
Исправления :
Supports Vimeo.
AccuWeather supports video news and multi-city favorites.
Supports PlayJam.
Supports screen capture feature.
Supports media library function for network share folders.
Resolved AccuWeather unable to add to favorites issue.
Resolved issue with Samba shared file causing delay in playback on resume.
Resolved issue unknown error displays while connecting to network share.
Resolved OGM file playback issue causing reboot.
Resolved issue playing photo slideshow from USB drive when media library is turned off.
Resolved issue playing ISO files on a MAC (HFS) formatted USB drive causes reboot.
Resolved several German language translation issues.
Resolved several Dutch language translation issues.
Resolved several French language translation issues.
Resolved Facebook issue displaying high-resolution photos.
Resolved several Facebook user interface and functional issues.
Resolved thumbnail not displaying in gallery view issue.
Resolved Spotify skipping song track when attempting to play current song.
Resolved Spotify issue playlist not playing continuously.
Resolved several Spotify user interface issues.
Resolved several Web UI user interface and functional issues.
Resolved login error connecting to Win 7 network share or WD My Book Live.

Note: HDMI-CEC support is not functioning correctly in this release. Do not upgrade to this release if HDMI-CEC is an important feature for you.

http://download.wdc.com/wdtv/wdtvlivegen3_1.04.12.zip .
Sharp LC-32X20RU + WDTV Gen2 + WDTV Live (если понравилось 41001352107159 яндекс)

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