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Написано:  18 Май 2011 07:03   Отредактировано: alukard
Сегодня стала доступна новая прошивка 2.06.10, обновляемся )
Resolved Issues:
• Supports WD Photos - mobile access application.
• Supports Picasa - web albums application.
• Supports casual games: Cosmox, Memory, Rockswap Adventures and Sudoku.
• Supports USB hard drives greater than 2TBs.
• Resolved user interface brightness issue introduced with last release.
• Resolved Hebrew subtitles not displaying correctly.
• Resolved several Facebook user interface issues.
• Resolved several TuneIn Radio user interface issues.
• Resolved several CinemaNow user interface issues.
• Resolved MKV files causing the picture to disappear when subtitles enabled.
• Resolved DVD resume is broken if media library is off.
• Resolved Deezer green filter hot-key not responding.
• Resolved several folder lock issues.
General Info:
• If upgrading online from firmware less than 2.05.08, the online update will automatically update to 2.05.08
before upgrading to the currently released firmware.


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