Неофициальный клуб пользователей HD видео плеера WD TV

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Написано:  15 Янв 2011 12:11
Release 2.03.24 (12/30/10)
Added ability to turn on/off Auto Update Notification. Setup/System/"Auto Detect New Firmware".
Added copy and move capabilities to Samba (Network Share).
Supports Enhanced Video Playback (detect frame rate). Setup/Audio/Video Output (Set HDMI and everything else Auto). This setting will force 8 bit color.
Added "Reset all settings except online service accounts" option in settings.
Added easy access to recently viewed (video, photos and music) on the dashboard.
Supports Flickr photostream.
Supports additional search criteria capabilities (Director, Actor, Title).

General Info:
We have temporarily blocked USB mounting of Advanced Format (4k sector) HDD greater than 2TBs.

View the release notes for complete update information.

Именно с этой прошивки добавили определение частоты в зависимости от контекта.

Sharp LC-32X20RU + WDTV Gen2 + WDTV Live (если понравилось 41001352107159 яндекс)

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